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With Service Thrive’s Direct Marketing Campaigns, we reactivate your old customers and target new customers using our unique text, email and voicemail system.

Do You Need Help Getting More Leads?

At Service Thrive, we know that some of the most loyal customers you’ll ever have are the ones that you’ve already done business with.

But very few business owners have a plan in place for reaching out to past customers with a win-back campaign. While the idea is nice, the follow up is super time consuming.

But the truth is, if you’re not pursuing a database reactivation of your prior customers, you’re missing out on some of the lowest hanging fruit in your business!

That’s where Service Thrive can help.

Our Direct Marketing System automatically does the outreach for you, and fills your calendar with jobs from existing clients.

Whether you’re up on a pitch, doing repairs, in a meeting, or making quotes, our marketing campaigns keep your business top of mind.

In fact, our efforts have been so successful, that one of our recent clients received a 10x ROI using our unique system.

Check out how Marquez Plumbing did with their recent marketing campaign below…

Marquez Plumbing Case Study

Customer Reactivation Campaign
April 29th – Sept. 1st, 2020

Job Pipeline Revenue


Campaign Time

4 Months

Campaign Cost


Ad Spend


ROI: 10x

“Service Thrive took all of the customer follow up off of our plate. Within a few months, we were up over $25k in revenue, just from the Customer Reactivation campaigns. With a 10x return on our investment, and less follow up on our plate, it’s easy to see why this system is well worth it. We highly recommend Service Thrive to anyone who wants to grow their home service business.”

– Kim Marquez, Marquez Plumbing

Easy Marketing System

Do You Need A Low Effort Solution To Marketing?

As business owners, we all know how critical marketing is in our competitive modern age.

But between follow up, quotes, bookings, questions, and actually providing a great service to your clients, who has the time to reach out to past customers and cold marketing lists?

You don’t – and you shouldn’t have to let it go either.

With our Direct Marketing Campaigns, we use a series of text messages, emails, and voicemails to re-engage your audience. (And you can get a FREE 3-Day Free Trial  and see how our system can help your business today!)

No matter your trade, you’ve already proven your services to your past customers. Now you just need to stay top of mind when they have needs.

And with Service Thrive’s help, that part is effortless.

Job Pipeline Filler

Do You Need Help Filling Your Pipeline With More Work?

At Service Thrive, we know that a good small business needs a personal touch.

That’s why our Direct Marketing System can be customized to your voice and your business.

With this marketing campaign, our unique system will steadily bring in qualified, pre-sold customers and fill your calendar with consistent work.

Get a 3-Day Free Trial and see how we can help you grow your business today.

How Does Our Direct Marketing System Work?

In the old days, traditional advertising meant taking out an ad in the newspaper or in the phonebook, forking over a lot of cash, and hoping your ideal customers would stumble upon your business.

Even smaller efforts like postcards and flyers can be very expensive – and these ads weren’t very effective.

But today, the world has changed. With modern advertising campaigns, Service Thrive can contact your customer base instantly and get your calendar filled with jobs fast.

Here’s how it works…

1. Voicemail Drops & Instant Phone Calls

Chances are you have phone numbers for just about all of your past clients.

With our Direct Marketing System, you simply give us your existing customer contact information and we get to work on the outreach. 

By leading with value, a willingness to help, and a brand old customers already trust, our win back campaigns are engaging and have a guaranteed success rate.

2. Texts & Email Campaigns

As part of our winning system, Service Thrive also makes use of text messages and email. 

In this way, we are able to offer exclusive deals to your existing client pool, and make booking a call or a job completely seamless for your customers.

3. Smart Online Booking System

As your customer base is reengaged, our unique system funnels them into an automated online booking portal. 

This calendar is then effortlessly filled with quote requests and paying jobs.

All that’s required of you is to show up, answer some text message and phone calls, and immediately add more revenue to your bottom line!

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