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Close More Quotes & Estimates Without Chasing Customers

With Service Thrive’s automated follow up and booking system, you’ll never lose track of another lead again!

Are You Following Up With Your Leads?

At Service Thrive, we know that productive business owners are often so busy providing their services that lead follow up takes a back seat.

And even those who excel at following up on quotes and inquiries, pay a costly price with their valuable time – time that they could use more productively in other places.

The problem with a lack of consistent follow up is that every lead that slips through the cracks could be a paying customer!

The good news is, Service Thrive has the solution.

Our automated Follow Up Sales System takes the quotes, lead chasing, and follow up completely off of your plate.

We use a combination of messaging channels and an online booking system that provide a personal touch while consistently filling your schedule with paid jobs – and quality customers.

And the best part is there’s no need for multiple tools and platforms! 

Service Thrive manages everything in one place… simplifying your business so you can keep your focus on the excellent services that you provide.

Do You Need A Better System to Track Your Sales?

As a professional business owner, you’re probably pretty good at responding to quote and estimate requests.

But what happens to that lead if they don’t immediately book a job?

If your answer is… “Nothing!” you’re not alone

Most small business owners don’t have the time or bandwidth to follow up with every lead they’ve been in contact with.

But now you don’t have to – our Follow Up Sales System will take your leads and turn them into paying customers!

Are You Losing Track of Your Leads & Estimates?

At Service Thrive, it’s our mission to provide business owners the tools that they need to be wildly successful.

And following up with your customers is truly just the beginning of what our Follow Up Sales system can do!

With our help you can:

Stop letting jobs fall through the cracks, and let our Follow Up Sales System book those jobs for you!

How Does Our Follow Up System Work?

1 – Instant Phone Calls & Voicemail Drops

Maybe you gave a prospect a quote last week, and haven’t heard back. 

Or perhaps you have a couple of requests for estimates hanging over your head.

Either way, our Follow Up Sales System can do the outreach for you! 

With automated phone calls, and personalized voicemail drops, we make sure the first contact with your leads happens in a timely and professional manner.

2 – Text Messages & Email Campaigns

In addition to phone calls, Service Thrive also uses text messages and email campaigns that pitch your services to recent leads – and leads that have fallen off of your radar. 

We are experts at engaging your prospects so that they’ll be encouraged to book a job.

3 – Online Booking System

As responses come in, your leads are moved into an automated online booking system.

This smart calendar puts quotes and paying jobs on your schedule automatically! 

So all you and your team have to do is show up, provide great work, while we help increase your revenue.

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